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What We Do

We do everything security

At Kopaneng Security we source and supply all products and services in and to the industry. Our focus is to source and supply the solutions, products and services to our clients to save them time and money. These are just a few of the services that we offer:

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Kopaneng Security Biometrics


Access control system to fingerprint identification

  • Access Control System. Fixed and Mobile
  • Identification Intelligence Software. Vehicles, Objects or People
  • Access Controlled Intelligence. Vehicle and Pedestrian Access Control
Kopaneng Security Detection


Detect a threat quicker with our infrared and night vision systems

  • Infra Red Alarm Detection Systems
  • Movement Detection Software
  • Night Vision Equipment. Handheld, CCTV and Fire Arms
  • CCTV Systems, Management Systems, FLIR and IR Solutions
Kopaneng Security Surveillance


Fixed cameras provide for lower cost surveillance solutions and perform very well in low light conditions

  • Integrated CCTV Systems. IP, HD, Analogue, IR and FLIR Systems
  • Integrated Intelligence Software
  • Video Alarm Systems
Kopaneng Security Tracking & Monitoring

Tracking & Monitoring

Enhance the safety and security of your drivers, guards and other staff through our tracking offerings

  • Tracking and monitoring your assets, vehicles and staff
  • Monitoring, CCTV and Alarms
Management Systems

Management Systems

Staff to fleet monitoring, we provide a full range of intelligent management services:

  • Staff Monitoring, Workflow and Patrol
  • Electronic Management, OB, Incident Reporting, Time and Attendance
  • Fleet Management, Electronic Vehicle Inspection, Km Control
  • Online Risk Management, Electronic Online Safety and Risk Assessment
Kopaneng Security Handcuffs

Specific Requirements Tools

Kopaneng Security provides any, and all, additional security tools. From handcufss to security gear.

  • Security Gear, Batons, Handcuffs, Bulletproofs, Defence Products
  • Risk Solutions, Alcohol and Metal Detectors, Lighting, Panic Systems
  • Safety Gear, Protective Clothing, Signage, Fire and First Aid
Kopaneng Security Integrated Communication

Integrated Communication

Our full range of communication intelligence services include:

  • Push to Talk (PTT) with national coverage GSM Communication
  • The latest in Digital Communication Integration.
  • Supply of Older Technology and Integration to Digital.
  • Repeater Systems. Digital and Analogue Technology.
Kopaneng Security Control Room Design

Control Room Design

Control room design that ensures latest standard compliance

  • All Industries
  • Ensuring latest Standard Compliance SAIDSA
  • Supply: All Security, Safety, Risk, Access, Fire, Communication
  • SOP. Assessment, Integration, Implementation of Policies and Procedures
Kopaneng Security Radio & patrol services

Radio & patrol services

Kopaneng Security is a supplier of all Two Way Radio products. We supply a wide variety of brand names with all the required accessories.

Our speciality

Digital and Analogue Radios

Digital & Analogue radio's

Kopaneng Security is a supplier of all Two Way Radio products. We supply a wide variety of brand names with all the required accessories. Kopaneng Security will very soon have to a Digital Network for all your Two Way Radio Communication requirements to keep your company ahead of your competitors.

Kopaneng Security currently still has access to a current reliable and fully functional Analogue Network that we will also be expanding on with the latest technology to ensure easy switch over from Analogue to Digital in due time.

This allows you to monitor your staff’s movement on site. We can also assist in setting up a patrol route with your Digital Handheld Radio on site. The days of issuing your staff with multiple tools to get the job done is over.

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Live & Passive Guard Patrol Systems

Live & Passive guard patrol systems

Kopaneng Security still has their reliable Guard Monitoring Systems that you can monitor your guards on site. Kopaneng Security also supplies the Unique “Dead Man Switch” to keep your guards awake and active on site

At Kopaneng Security we know and understand it is easier said than done to just change and move away from older technology and there is DEFINETLY still room for old technology. Therefore Kopaneng Security will still be supplying our customers with ALL the technologies available on the market, no matter how old or how bold.

Digital and Analogue Radios

Product lists

We offer a wide range of products ranging from radio's to control room designs and setups. Download our product lists below.

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Security Essentials

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PTT & Security Solutions

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Bullet Proof Vests

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Imperial Armour

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Kopaneng Lights

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Kopaneng Security Products

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Kopaneng Bullet Proof Doors

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Kopaneng Steel Security

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Kopaneng ITAS Other Security

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Kopaneng Safes

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Tracking Solutions

Satelite Command Centre

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Kopaneng Tortoise

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More about us

The security professionals

We aim to build relationships with our clients, not just to sell and deliver but rather build and design around our clients to fit their needs, requirements & budget

Kopaneng Security’s team has more than 20 years experience in the Security and Safety Industry. This gives us a huge advantage over our competitors as we have first-hand knowledge and experience of these industries and being at the other end of the table for numerous years, we understand the expectations from a client’s point of view. We understand our client's expectations and needs to offer the best service and value for your money.

Kopaneng Security has negotiated the best terms with the top suppliers of products and services in the industry. Offering a broad service to you as our client. We aim to stay the leaders in the market by implementing the latest technology into your business, keeping you one step ahead of your competitors, ensuring client satisfaction.

Kopaneng Security would like to make all of our clients’ part of the Kopaneng Security family, by building a long-term and on-going relationship. Ensuring you of our best service delivery.

We are situated in Pretoria, Gauteng but our services are not limited, we can assist you in any town or suburb, nationally.

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André van der Westhuizen

André van der Westhuizen

Managing Director

With more than 20 years’ experience, security qualifications and grading in the industry André has combined all the knowledge built in the industry to supply and assist the industry with the best and latest integrated solutions on the market. Being in the industry for so many years, André has built strong relationships in the industry and is now sharing his solutions with the industry.

Even after he has become disabled in 2018, his disability mostly effected his speach, his relationships are still standing with his suppliers and loyal clients. He still struggle to communicate but his assistant, assist with talking to the clients when he struggle. His speach already improved allot in the past 2 years.

Brands we use

We use the best & only the best

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use the best and only the best products and brands. We will never compromise the security and safety of our customers by making use of subpar products

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Some of the brands we use

  • FSK
  • GeoVision
  • Lite-Optec
  • MagTouch
  • MAMI
  • Miro
  • Paxton
  • Spytek
  • Zartek
  • Imperial Armour
  • Inrico
  • ITAS
  • Hikvision
  • Byrna
  • GoThermal Innovative Sensing Solutions
  • Dos Group
  • Duke
  • Flick It Access Control To Your Premises
  • Oryx
  • Bloodhound Security
  • Hytera Logo
  • Motorola
  • Listener
  • Ledworx

What Clients Are Saying

Pantheros Logo

I have known Andre Van der Westhuizen and his team from Kopaneng Security since 2016 and I have always had superb service with all my business dealings with Andre, whether it was just to give advice on related security products over a telephone call or after sales care Andre has always been reliable and above par. The Equipment Kopaneng Security supplies is reliable and the technical support that is offered by the company has never been lacking

Peter Barry CEO, Pantheros
Rontech Solutions Logo

I have been using Kopaneng Security since 2017 for all the complex security systems including a very High-tech camera system. I am completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in town, They have been very reasonably priced, and always do exactly what we ask of them.

Gerrit Engelbrecht Chair of Body Corporate, Rontech Solutions
Rontech Solutions Logo

Thank you so much Andre. This will certainly help. Your shop has some awesome security products. The people should certainly go and have a look.

Rontech Solutions Logo

Byrna HD Ready Kit - To date we have bought a few of this product and absolutely love them. Excellent quality and operating it definitely feels like the real deal. Accuracy wise, it is great !


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